Aerial Photography

If you need construction progress photos, a birds-eye view of a property, or just an awesome image of a building you've finished, we will get the shots you need.  Choose between helicopter or airplane shots.

Wondering what the difference is between shots taken from a helicopter versus those taken from an airplane? Our Airplane Images boast high altitudes and expansive views. These pictures are wonderful for seeing an entire work site, catching a downtown or uptown skyline in the background, or for use in labeling nearby landmarks.

uptown-charlotte-cbd-022413-075 Helicopter Images can certainly accomplish this as well, with the added advantage of being able to get down to much lower altitudes. This is perfect for deeper obliques and (although airplanes get very good closeups) nothing beats a chopper for capturing architectural detail.

The image on the top right is the Charlotte skyline from an airplane and the image to the left is the same skyline from a helicopter.


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