Clear Sky Images is a full service architectural and commercial photography company specializing in finished interior and exterior photos of buildings and construction projects. We can also tackle all aspects of aerial photos from higher altitude airplane obliques to low flying closeups from a helicopter.

President - Shelly Osborne

Shelly is not just the president, she also handles all of the accounting, scheduling, and client communication; not to mention, she is the glue that keeps our little family together.

Originally from Milford, Delaware, Shelly went to school at Appalachian State University where she met Brett.  They were married shortly after and have been through thick and thin together ever since!

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Lead Photographer - Brett Osborne

150868_4832969515519_1491955021_n With over a decade of experience, Brett is one of Charlotte's most experienced professional photographers.  In 2007, he and Shelly decided to strike out on their own, so they formed Clear Sky Images and have been setting the Charlotte market on fire from the offset.

Brett received a degree in Advanced Computer Graphics from Appalachian State University and though primarily self taught, Brett also honed his photography skills under the tutelage of advanced photographers whom he worked with in the start of his career.

Today, Brett is unparalleled in the North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee architectural and aerial photography markets.  His photos help property managers fill vacancies, construction companies get business, commercial real estate agents to move properties, and interior designers to win international awards.

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Marketing - Sophia Matthews

Sophia, a Charlotte native, graduated from UNCC with a degree in marketing and worked with her family doing real estate since 2002.  Brett met Sophia's father, where else, but on the golf course.  Over the years as their families became close, as the real estate market began to lull, and as Clear Sky Images' growth was starting to skyrocket, it just made sense to bring on Sophia to assist with Marketing.

Over the past couple of years she has taken on several other job functions, including website development, search engine optimization, blogging and social media, office management, photo editing, and more!

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Clear Sky Images is a proud member of the following organizations:

The International Association of Architectural Photographers  •  Real Estate Photographers of America & International
The Association of Independent Architectural Photographers

We also work with several partners and vendors whom we sincerely appreciate!

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